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Add a character

Add a character for Fizzarolli Game!

Ancora 1

Gordec Society decided to let its community add playable characters for Fizzarolli Game!


All that you have to do to propose a character is to:
-  Contact us on the
following email address
- Attach a image file (we suggest you to use a .jpeg/.png file format)
* You can send Fan Art of Helluva Boss characters but also a photo of yourself


We don't accept any kind of nsfw/offensive material.
If you want to add your face or the one of a friend/family member, be sure to ask them, because when you send us an email with the required material you accept to add the face of the person in the game and we don't legally respond in case the added person gets upset for being added. But, the added person can send us an email on the 
following email address  to get removed from the game, sending us enough proofs to show that he's the person indicated.

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