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The Birth of the Gordec Society!

Updated: Jan 13

Hi, my name is Damiano and I'm a dreamer!

Since I was a child, I have always been gifted with great imagination, fantasy and creativity, which is quite common in all children but which I have always expressed in various ways...

For example, when I returned from primary school (between the ages of 7 and 10), my younger sister and I went to lunch with our grandmother who lived near the school since our parents worked and every time, after lunch, I went to the small garden behind his house and I enjoyed "building" something by joining together some pieces of iron or wood.

My grandmother and my grandfather never understood what those apparently poor and insignificant constructions represented or what they were (actually being at first sight simple old and damaged materials put together), but behind a light bulb hung with a rope, a cloth and some wooden planks I saw a stage or even a carousel hahahaha and when mum and dad came to pick up my sister and me I always asked my grandparents not to remove what I had built because "the next day I would continue it".

They never took anything away from the things I built! (Thank you grandparents <3).

I often got lost in my imagination in that garden and I often forgot to do my homework... in fact, when it became evening and I returned home, my sister had finished studying and I was still starting ahahahh (I was often scolded for this when I was little hahahaha).

Other times, however, I expressed my strong imagination in other ways, I often played the villain of video games like Bowser and was taken for stupid or crazy, I was often taken for "problematic" by my relatives or friends who often excluded or marginalized me.

But I never resented it, I never wanted to hide this part of me that couldn't contain imagination and creativity and that at times was seen in a pleasant way, but many others as almost madness. (Unfortunately I liked villains and therefore I tended to make more moves, faces, gestures and noises compared to I don't know... the Winx haha).

I decided to study Computer Science in high school because in this way I was able to combine the two things that I loved and still love most, technology and creativity... therefore the possibility of CREATING something through IT.

Hahaha I don't consider myself a lover of studying, an excellent student at school, the top of the class or a computer genius!

But I always felt that I could give more and that I could create something of my own!!!

So at the age of 16 I decided to create my first game, "Purple Guy Game", a very simple and not very optimized game even though I was still an amateur... I asked my parents for €25 to publish it on the Play Store and I promised them that I would have given them back to him... once it was published I was very happy and super excited and many of my friends at the time complimented me.

How did it go? At 12 years old, Elon Musk earned his first $500 by creating a video game, at 17 years old I generated a total of €4000, with up to 6000 daily downloads and up to €50 per day.

My parents never wanted that €25 back... but I think I could have given it back to them.

Today I am 19 years old and I attend university, I continued to develop simple telephone games to increase my skills with Unity (the program I use) and with C# (the programming language I use) and to put aside other money with advertising in video games (I thank you all for your patience in putting up with some advertising!).

I created a developer account for Meta Quest / Oculus Quest and have been working on a VR game for some time now.

In fact, some time ago I bought, with part of my earnings, my first headset (the Oculus Quest 2) with which I test my game.

Furthermore, in the near future I plan to create a Nintendo developer account and publish not only for the Wii (thanks to which, together with old games like Wii Party, Mario Galxy, Mario Kart and Epic Mickey, I owe all my passion for video games and to whom I owe the growth of a good part of my creativity and imagination) perhaps using some third-party site or software with which it is now possible to install other games on the console without using the discs (I still have to find out more carefully haha), but also for current consoles like the Nintendo Switch...

Why Gordec Society? Well, first on the Play Store my name was GameSUS (hahaha a silly and cute name) and I created a sweatshirt with the initials GS.

When I then decided that that name was too ridiculous and I understood that it was time to change it, I was sorry to have to change or no longer use that sweatshirt (I remember as if it were yesterday that I looked for that sweatshirt in many shops until late in the evening with my father and he and my mother had offered me a print of the logo as a gift because they were proud of me <3) and so I wanted to recycle those initials...

Thus the name GORDEC was born.

Gordec Society stands for a succession of italian words:

  • Grandi - big thanks to the expansion of our team and also because we work big!

  • ORiginali - original referred to our games' contents.

  • DEterminati - determined to entertain you!

  • Creativi - creative and young minds, which are aware of new trends!

Obviously all the credit goes not only to my commitment or to the old Wii games which gave a great boost to my fantasy and imagination haha...

I also have to thank my past and present friends, who encouraged me, supported me and some even helped as in the creation of this site when I couldn't because I was too

busy with Unity [Licio Volpe and Agata Kiknadze] and obviously my family, who have always been close to me and always will be <3.


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